Telligent partners with Lionbridge on community translation

Tool expands reach of Telligent products to global community

Last week, Telligent announced a partnership with Lionbridge that brings integrated translation to the Telligent Communities products.

Being able to expand enterprise social software (or just about any product) into global markets is becoming increasingly important as it provides a way to let community members help one another in their native languages, which can increase customer loyalty and decrease overall in-country customer support costs.

Telligent CTO Rob Howard says the new product, which is called GeoFluent for Telligent, expands the reach of his company's products. "It removes geographic and language barriers and ensures that marketing, customer service and key stakeholders are at the forefront of customer engagement," Howard said.

Lionbridge CEO Rory Cowan concurs, saying if enterprise social platforms want to expand sales, there is tremendous opportunity in foreign markets. "The next growth wave for enterprise social software is global market adoption with local-market relevance," he explained.

Cowen added that the combined products help eliminate language and geography hurdles that social software firms would face trying to enter foreign markets without an integrated real-time translation tool option.

If Telligent can expand the reach of its social platform, it can of course open up new markets that were out of its reach before--without expensive translation solutions. It GeoFluent provides decent real-time translation, users in Telligent customer communities can communicate regardless of the language being used and that would be a very powerful feature.

For more information:
- see the Telligent press release

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