SpringCM update aims to protect mobile content

Aimed at making IT comfortable in the cloud

SpringCM has been around longer than most cloud services, yet seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle of shinier, newer models. Not to be outdone, the company announced a new set of mobile content services this week that protect content on mobile devices on the go.

As I wrote in this week's Editor's Corner, protecting content in motion has become the new content management imperative. SpringCM has recognized this too and their update is all about protecting content in motion. 

Instead of focusing on the end user, SpringCM seems to be trying to differentiate itself from the competition by giving IT more control over content stored in the cloud.

For starters, SpringCM is giving IT control over which device types can access the SpringCM content. If a file is lost or a device is stolen, or if an employee leaves the organization, IT administrators can instantly wipe the SpringCM content from the device without impacting other content. What's more, IT can monitor SpringCM content usage across devices.

The company also gives IT control over which content can be synced across devices at the file, folder or attribute level, which should help reduce data loss by limiting syncing and sharing as needed.

Dr. Antonis Papatsaras, CTO of SpringCM, emphasized in a statement that these types of enhancements should make IT pros more comfortable with moving to a cloud tool. SpringCM believes that IT is still uncomfortable with this notion.

Whether this focus on IT is the right way to go when cloud services are becoming increasingly commonplace and end users have more control over their devices and services, remains to be seen. But in a crowded marketplace, SpringCM is looking for a way to distinguish itself by being the IT-friendly company.

For more information:
- see the SpringCM press release

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