SpringCM survey finds Salesforce users looking for CM


A survey by SpringCM of 109 Salesforce.com users found that for the most part, while respondents were avid Salesforce.com users, they lacked even the most basic content management tools (in spite of the fact that there are some tools built into the system for this purpose).

Nearly all respondents agreed that Salesforce.com was an essential tool--hardly surprising given the audience--but where it got more interesting was when they were asked about the importance of document management to completing their jobs. The vast majority, 80.3 percent said it was very important, 11.8 percent said it was somewhat important and, surprisingly, 7.8 percent said it wasn't important at all.

Given the majority of respondents saw content management as an important element in Salesforce.com, the graphic below lists the top content management features were they looking for:

Roger Bottum, vice president of marketing at SpringCM said he was surprised by the findings. "It was interesting that most of the higher ranked challenges were what you and I would call first level issues; just getting documents into a place they could be used, organized, controlled and found," he said.

Even more surprising to Bottum was that collaboration concerns didn't rank higher than they did. And mobile was a clear bell curve, he said with 42 percent saying its very important and 48 percent saying it wasn't very important at all.

Overall, I always like to note a caveat with vendor surveys: They tend to ask what they hope to find. But in this case, you would think there would have been more basic content management services in place as a starting point, and certainly that more sales people would be concerned with having access to content on mobile devices and the ability to collaborate with peers and customers. But for this group of respondents, at least, it wasn't always the case--and that was even a surprise to the folks who wrote the questions.

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