SpringCM File It, Get It apps bring embedded CM to Salesforce

Delivers content management tools in context

SpringCM, the cloud-based content management system announced a new product this week for Salesforce.com users that provides a way to embed SpringCM technology inside SFDC pages.

The solution actually consists of two apps available from the Salesforce AppExchange. One is called File It and the other Get It, but they really appear to be designed to work in tandem.

With File It, sales personnel get access to SpringCM content management functionality from inside the SFDC experience, so for example, if a user is on the Account Opportunity page, he or she can find, create or review documents related to the given client based on what information appears on the page without leaving SFDC.

The Get It app delivers content to the page automatically based on the information that appears on the SFDC page, so users might see competitive information or marketing materials that have been developed for the given industry, all done automatically so that users have the content at their fingertips as they are working in SFDC.

Overall, embedding both of these tools--depending on how well this works in practice--is a great combination of functionality and putting content to work where these people are doing the majority of their work. One thing that annoys busy employees, especially those in sales, is doing a lot of extra work or taking extra steps.

And opening up another application to find your documents is another step. This puts the content management tools they need to their job right in front of them in a rather clever implementation idea.

Ben Kiker, who is CMO at SpringCM, said in a statement that these tools have been designed to provide busy sales people with access to the most recent content available and being able to access and share this content in their work context helps reduce time involved in chasing content or using outdated documents.

For more information:
- see the SpringCM press release

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