SpringCM announces enhanced file sharing

New release also beefs up workflow tools

Cloud content management vendor SpringCM announced some enhancements this week including new workflow tools and better file sharing.

The idea is to create workflows that automate many tasks, so instead of having to track where a particular document is in the work process the system notifies you automatically. For instance, if you are sending a document through an approval workflow, the approver receives the document with instructions on how to complete the task. If they fail to complete the task in a timely manner, they get email reminders with links and instructions.

By including a manageable workflow it saves employees from having to manage the approval process themselves, which can be tedious and time-consuming.

In addition, new tools make sharing easier by providing the tools to send it in pdf, native format (i.e., Word), or even a link to the document. This also provides an audit trail to know where documents have gone and with whom they have been shared.

Christopher Junker, chief executive of SpringCM says these features have the capacity to give lost time back to users and any executive would be thrilled to give their employees tools that make them more productive.

File sharing and workflow automation are pretty standard fare for any content management system and I'm a little surprised to see SpringCM trumpeting them like they're a big innovation. They are certainly items that have to be on the checklist, however and if they were missing before, this is at least a big step toward having a more complete solution.

For more information:
- see the SpringCM press release

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