Socialtext Signals brings microblogging to the enterprise


Socialtext has added microblogging--think Twitter for the enterprise--to its social media platform, which also includes wiki tools, blogging tools and community building tools that enable you to build a profile and add friends in a similar fashion to Facebook.

The new microblogging component, which is called Socialtext Signals works in a similar fashion to Twitter, enabling you to broadcast to your circle of co-workers what you are doing. This could be to let them know you're on your way to an off-site meeting and won't be available for the day or that you completed the update to the latest draft of the report you're working on.

As Ross Mayfield, Socialtext Chairman, President and Co-Founder points out, this is different from Yammer (which we have covered here) and other stand-alone microblogging tools because it's part of a social media suite of tools that gives you the functionality of Wikipedia, Facebook and Twitter all in an enterprise social media tool set.

Socialtext also announced the availability of Socialtext Desktop, which is an Adobe AIR application that runs on the desktop and gives you desktop access to the same functions you find on the web version of Socialtext (which is offered in the Software as a Service model). When you use the desktop application, your data syncs automatically with the web-based application so that your information is always completely up-to-date no matter which platform you choose to use.

For more information:
- see the Socialtext press release

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