Socialtext adds SharePoint to the mix


Socialtext is making it easier for its customers to access their Microsoft documents. The company has integrated Microsoft's SharePoint to help users share and collaborate on Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) PowerPoint, Excel and Word files within its enterprise social software.

Socialtext says it keeps a record of an attachment once a user has uploaded it, but the file itself is kept in SharePoint. When a user wants to change or make updates to a file, he or she can do that in Socialtext, or just update a new version from SharePoint.

Users are also able to search for their documents within SharePoint using a simple search function and can upload bulk documents.

The company said SharePoint 'events,' which presumably would be uploading, editing or sharing files, can be set up to appear in Socialtext activity streams. Socialtext doesn't say how much information about the files would be shared in the stream, but this seems like it could backfire if say, someone mistakenly shares a private document or one that is only in a draft stage.

On the other hand, Socialtext expects the new SharePoint features to help with employee engagement, and probably productivity, as workers can collaborate quickly within something like a PowerPoint file, when getting ready for a big presentation.

"Connecting to other enterprise platforms has always been convenient with Socialtext's API and now providing our customers with SharePoint integration capabilities will increase employee engagement firsthand with our industry-leading collaboration platform," said Michael Idinopulos, chief customer officer and general manager of Socialtext.

Socialtext no doubt hopes that by offering easier access to big name Microsoft's files within its software offerings, it will help lure more customers and help keep the customers it already has. Just last fall, the company announced that it was offering 30 day trials of its enterprise social software, in another move to attract more customers.

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