Sitefinity update adds basic DAM capabilities

Enables users to perform photo editing, tagging

Sitefinity's latest release includes what they are calling light-weight digital asset management capabilities that they hope will help business users who deal with a lot of digital content.

The new functionality is included in the latest release of Sitefinity's web content management product, Sitefinity 6.1.

The idea, according Martin Kirov, who is executive vice president for Sitefinity at Telerik (the company that produces the product), is to give business users who are comfortable working with digital assets the ability to manage those assets from a tool designed specifically for that purpose.

"The new lightweight DAM solution is complimented by a desktop app which enables content writers to quickly find and edit digital assets without the need to navigate to them in the WCM backend," he said in a statement.

The tool enables users to perform basic image manipulation, such as resizing or cropping, and to make adjustments to the picture quality using tools like a sharpen filter. Users can also add tags and meta-tag information, which should make the assets easier to locate in the future.

The new version also includes an update sync tool for site administrators that enables them to sync different pieces of the site as granularly as they choose. There is also a new set of mobile templates for designers to help simplify designing a web property across multiple channels.

While these aren't earth shattering additions by any means, they do provide some new functionality that many users, designers and administrators should find useful. And that's not bad for an interim release of this type.

The new version is available immediately.

For more information:
- see the Sitefinity press release

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