SDL releases customer experience suite

Hope to take advantage of customer experience market momentum

SDL introduced a new customer experience suite this week, which it's calling the Customer Experience Cloud. The product is designed to take advantage of the growing popularity of managing customer experience.

The product suite consists of web content management and several other pieces including a social component, a translation piece along with marketing, ecommerce and analytics. 

It is all cloud-based and provides a way for organizations to track customers and deliver a customized customer experience across the organization. The idea is to deliver customized content based on what you know about the customer, but it depends a great deal on how well SDL has pulled these pieces together.

In most cases, customers aren't looking for a single solution from one particular vendor. Instead, they want to merge the various pieces such as social listening, customer service, CRM and WCM into a customer experience strategy. Even though SDL clearly understands that there is a market for these products, it's offering a monolithic, single vendor suite to solve the problem.

It's not hard to see why companies get dollar signs in their eyes when they see a concept like CEM because it comprises many different software packages, but a better approach might be to concentrate on SDL strengths around content management and language services, and leave the other components to the best of breed vendors, which customers probably have in place already anyway.

SDL CEO Mark Lancaster clearly recognizes the opportunity that exists here. "We are in a new age of customer marketing where the journey and post-sale behavior can glean insights for brands to make smarter decisions about how they build relationships," he explained in a statement.

That much is true, but trying to deliver that in a single product suite is not likely to work in today's marketplace where customers aren't typically looking for a solution for all their CEM components from a single company.

For more information:
- see the SDL press release

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