SDL introduces new machine translation tools to translate growing amounts of information

People can't keep up with sheer volume of information

SDL recently announced enhanced machine translation tools to help companies deal with increasing amounts of information that require translation across the entire SDL language translation platform.

As companies face ever-growing amounts of customer-facing information from web content to customer online help forums to social media, there is an increasing need to translate this information quickly across multiple languages. This is even more important as global markets gain in importance and presenting content in each market's native language becomes a requirement.

To that end, SDL has enhanced the ability of its SDL BeGlobal machine translation software in combination with SDL BeGlobal Trainer software to deliver more accurate and secure translation across the entire SDL translation platform.

SDL sees the translation challenge facing companies not unlike the big data challenge and have therefore dubbed this a 'Big Language' problem.

Keith Laska, CEO of the SDL Language Technologies division, says it's increasingly important to provide tools that allow accurate translation on the fly. 

"Our mission is to eliminate barriers to global communication by helping solve Big Language challenges within every industry," Laska explained in a statement.

He added, "By delivering our market-leading technologies via a powerful, integrated enterprise platform, and putting Machine Translation in the hands of users, we hope to provide the right technology and tools for every global communication need across the organization."

Whether it's possible to deliver accurate machine translation is not clear. In our recently released eBook on translation: "As Content Goes Global, Think Localization," experts we interviewed made it clear that translation and localization are critical to international market success, but you have to use a combination of human translators and trained machine translation tools. 

The quality of machine translation varies and it works better in some settings than in others, so be sure you understand the implications of going with machine translations before you go this route.

For more information:
- see the SDL press release
- download the free Fierce translation and localization eBook

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