Salesforce updates Chatter

Can access, create and edit records

Salesforce announced a major update to its social tool, Chatter, this week that includes the ability to create, update and edit records in Salesforce from any device running the Chatter app.

The update takes Chatter from the realm of a simple tool for social communication inside the ecosystem, to one in which users can interact with the whole Salesforce toolset from within Chatter.

IDC analyst Frank Gens says the update addresses a key need to be more mobile and social in the sales process. "The industry is moving toward social and mobile sales, service and marketing much more quickly than many realize," he said in a statement.

The key change is the ability to access any record you've created in Salesforce from within Chatter. That means users can make Chatter the hub of their Salesforce experience if they so choose. What's more, users can create and edit files including polls, tasks, thank you notes and more.

Finally, the new Chatter enables users to take action based on information in their Chatter stream. 

What's more, the experience has been designed for mobile users, to make it easy to create this content in a few taps. 

Chatter can be enabled across any part of and can be extended to include custom and partner apps built on the Salesforce platform.

This is a big step forward for Chatter in that it provides a way to deal directly with Salesforce content without leaving the application. It's worth noting that I haven't seen how this works in action, so this post simply based on Salesforce's reports to me in a short briefing and a press release.

For more information:
- see the Salesforce press release

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