Perceptive Software search tool offers default high def document viewing

Helps locate any scanned document across the system

When you're in a business with high-volume scanning, you're probably processing hundreds or even thousands of documents every day, and that makes it all that much more challenging to track down a particular one when you need to. Perhaps that's why Perceptive announced updates this week to its internal search product.

Because the search tool is built into Perceptive's software stack, it not only finds a document, but it can tap into workflow too and allow you to take actions on the documents.

In a statement, Brian Anderson, Perceptive's chief technology officer, said that the search tool is going to simplify locating documents and taking actions.

"Perceptive Search 10.3 empowers users to make quicker and more precise search selections. Built on an enterprise-and workgroup-focused, highly secure platform, new features in Perceptive Search 10.3 further enhance the quality, transparency and fidelity of search results," he said.

The big news though is the documents, which tend to be scanned images, are displayed in high definition using HTML5, and they claim all formatting, images and styles will be preserved when the user clicks on a search result to see a document.

But if the High Definition is too much or uses too much computing power or network bandwidth, or isn't necessary or appropriate for whatever reason, the administrator is free to choose a default viewing resolution other than High Definition--giving each company the control they need to meet their needs.

What's more, they've added thumbnails, not exactly an earth shattering new feature, but one that enables users to see at a glance if the document they've chosen is actually the one they are looking for. 

Finally, the new search tool, which is version 10.3, can connect to various content repositories such as SharePoint, Google Drive and Symantec's Enterprise Vault.

For more information:
- see the Perceptive Software announcement

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