Oracle positions new WebCenter release in Customer Experience Management

Going for customer engagement angle

Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL) released a new version of its WebCenter Web Content Management system this week with a firm focus on customer engagement and the newest WCM passion: Customer Experience Management.

While Oracle has been in the news this week mostly for its patent trial with Google (NASDAQ: GOOG), it's still working on products and this one is focused--like many WCM packages today--on providing marketing with tools to interact and engage with customers more easily.

To that end, Oracle has created new tools for business-level content creators to make it easier to generate new content and publish it on the website. Oracle also includes a search tool to help find content already on the system (a must for any content management package) and new tools to link to major social networking tools including Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.

In addition, the package includes widgets marketers can easily integrate into web pages such as polling tools and thumbs up/thumbs down tools.

Melissa Webster, vice president for content and digital media technologies at IDC, says having this kind of customer-focused functionality is becoming increasingly essential for organizations. 

"As the web becomes a core aspect of an organization's business strategy, marketers increasingly need tools that help them use the web to engage customers with targeted and social experiences that reach from the company's web presence to the social networks on which individuals choose to spend their time," she said.

Over the last several years, we have watched as WCM has moved from an IT function to a marketing one. As that transition continues, we are now seeing companies layering on tools to not only allow marketers to generate content themselves, but also to interact with social networks and to build a better understanding of their customers and their needs.

For more information:
- see the Oracle Web Center web site
- see the press release

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