OASIS begins studying web experience management interoperability standard


OASIS, the standards organization that brought you CMIS, is working on a new Web Experience Management standard. It's still in its early stages.

According to the charter defining how the standard will work, this is more about web content management content aggregation than it is about WEM in the pure sense--that is providing a more customized user experience based on what you know about the customer.

The charter describes it as: "Where WCM provides the foundation for collaboration by offering users the ability to manage content, WEM emphasizes the importance of the delivery of the aggregated content into a total Web Experience."

I'm not sure that's how I see WEM, which as Hippo CTO Arje Cahn points out in a blog post, is seen by many as nothing more than a marketing term. There's definitely some truth to that, but like any marketing term--cloud computing, anyone?--it has some basis in actual functionality. The trouble is when marketers bandy about a term without much substance.

Regardless, this attempt at defining an interoperability standard around web experience management, for lack of a better name (and this is how these terms get life, you see) is  a valuable goal, especially if it involves user analytics data and content.

According to Cahn's post, the companies involved include Hippo, Jahia, Adobe, Open Text and SDL. 

This is just at the beginning stages, but it should be interesting to see how this develops and if it makes it all the way through the process to become a standard.

For more information:
- see the OASIS Web Experience Management Interoperability TC page

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