Nuxeo teams with Liferay, uses CMIS integration


Today, Nuxeo announced an alliance with Liferay. Both are open source products taking advantage of the CMIS standard to integrate the two systems.

Nuxeo is an enterprise content management platform, while Liferay is a portal package. Both have the advantage of being Java-based, CMIS-compliant and are each open source, making integration between the two systems even easier. The way it should work is Nuxeo will act as a content repository for the Liferay portal. 

That means that users can create, edit and manage content in Nuxeo and add it seamlessly to the Liferay portal using the CMIS standard to share data across repositories. What's more, the content stays in the Nuxeo repository, meaning companies just have to manage it in one place, yet have it available in the portal where users can access it and share it easily.

What's more, both Liferay and Nuxeo support the OpenSocial standard from Google (NASDAQ: GOOG), which means they can share social gadgets to help make better use of the content across the two systems. Nuxeo CEO Eric Barroca sees this as a big advantage for users of both systems.

"The Nuxeo Platform is optimized for handling documents and content-centric business processes that are internal to an organization. With Liferay Portal, we offer our clients more options for how to manage documents and deliver them to portals, websites, and applications," Barroca said.

For more information on this deal:
- see the Nuxeo press release

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