Nuxeo releases major platform update

Open source tool brings together changes from 3 smaller releases

This week Nuxeo, the open source content management system for business, announced a major release that brings together several, earlier smaller releases.

The beauty of open source of course is that you save on licensing fees and you have the benefit of a community of developers who have vetted the platform before it has been released to the general public.

You may also have access to the source code, so that you can manipulate the platform if need be to meet the unique needs of your organization. You are not tied to whatever the vendor defines as the requirements. You can build it to your requirements instead.

Among the new features in the latest release are advances in workflow, content synchronization and REST APIs.

Nuxeo is also coming out with, a new Platform as a Service offering, that will give access to the Nuxeo development environment in the cloud.

And, as though to fall in line with my Editor's Corner this week, Nuxeo doesn't mention the word "enterprise" once in its press release. Instead, it refers to the platform as a means of building "content-centric applications to manage business information." That alone is music to my ears.

Nuxeo CEO Eric Barroca talked about how the Nuxeo Platform helps developers and product managers build those business applications to manage structured content. "We believe that providing a complete application building environment enables those closest to a particular business problem to provide the right solution, faster," Barroca said in a statement.

Providing a flexible platform for building pointed business solutions should be the goal of every vendor from this point forward. The best tools hide complexity from end users, but give developers and project managers the tools they need to build business-class applications. That seems to be the goal here. 

For more information:
- see the Nuxeo press release

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