Nuxeo previews new application marketplace and admin console


Last week in a blog post by CEO Eric Barroca, Nuxeo announced they were previewing two new features: An applications marketplace for Nuxeo plug-ins and applications that run on the Nuxeo platform along with a new administrative console for installing and managing upgrades. Both are expected to be ready in time for the release of Nuxeo 5.4 at the end of September. 

The marketplace follows the App Store concept by creating a central place for developers and Nuxeo users to distribute plug-ins and applications. Barroca describes the market place as "...a way to package those plugins and distribute them easily to enhance our products."

He says that the idea of the marketplace isn't to simply provide a place to distribute these add ons--although, it does that--it's to make it easier install and integrate the items in the marketplace directly into the Nuxeo environment. In addition, to third-party pieces, the marketplace will provide a central place for Nuxeo users to install product upgrades.

Meanwhile the new Nuxeo Admin Center provides a central place for Nuxeo Connect Subscribers to manage upgrades. The Update Console informs system administrators when an upgrade is available, makes it easy to install and remove the install program when it's done.

Nuxeo is always thinking of new ways to improve the user experience and both of these new features have a lot of potential to simplify upgrading, as well as selecting and installing third-party add-ons to the Nuxeo platform.

For more information:
- see Eric Barroca's blog post

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