Novell launches Novell Teaming 2 collaboration platform


Novell announced a new release of their Teaming collaboration platform this week called Teaming 2. The latest version focuses on customization, information access and workflow.

New features include branded workspaces, which enable teams to create their own look and feel and customizable team landing pages that let end users create landing pages with their own designs. Other features include a relevance dashboard which helps users track the people and workspaces most relevant to them and their specific projects. Finally with new workflow tools, end users can design their own workflows without professional help.

Tracy Smith, Product Manager of Collaboration Solutions with Novell says that this ability for end users to use Team 2 without IT intervention is a key feature of the new version. "There are tremendous capabilities in Novell Teaming and most of them are controlled by the end user--IT is not required to set up and manage the information after the system is installed." He says, that this allows groups and individuals to expand and use the tool based on what their needs are and what works best for them.

Smith adds, "Novell Teaming empowers an organization's employees with workspaces and information tools, like blogs and wikis, which can be quickly and easily set up for ad hoc collaboration, project collaboration or communities of practice with flexible, yet powerful access controls. In addition, online secure workspaces give users secure, easy and near ubiquitous access to content."

Teaming 2 looks to have all of the capabilities an enterprise environment would be looking for in an Enterprise 2.0 collaboration platform giving easy access to information.

For more information:
- see the Novell press release