North Plains grabs Xinet

Becomes largest DAM vendor

Last week, North Plains announced the purchase of Xinet, increasing its position as one of the top pure-play DAM vendors and filling in some holes in the process.

According to Mukul Krishna, global director of Digital Media at Frost & Sullivan, as companies increase the number of digital assets, managing these assets is a critical part of a business workflow.

"It is imperative to have persistent management of digital assets through their lifecycle spanning creation to distribution. Such a complete solution that meets the need at the workgroup level and at the enterprise level, has been very challenging to provide by any single vendor." 

He adds, "This acquisition provides a combined set of products and services that more completely address much more of the rich media lifecycle, and sets-up North Plains as the largest pure-play DAM vendor based on revenue."

Real Story Group's Irina Guseva wrote on the Real Story blog that this purchase really fills in some gaps in North Plains' coverage, giving it much-needed workflow and access to some markets in Europe and to a lesser extent Asia where North Plains didn't have much of a presence. She also says it gives North Plains a more end-to-end solution as Xinet has links to asset creation in Adobe Creative Suite, where digital assets are often created.

Guseva adds that this acquisition also gives North Plains more employees. As a small company, she indicated that their internal resources can be spread thin at times.

It sounds like a smart acquisition for North Plains, one that gives it functionality, customers and personnel familiar with DAM technology. As always, the success of these mergers tends to pivot on the ability to mesh two company cultures. 

For more information:
- see the North Plains press release

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