NitroPDF goes after Adobe with latest release

Looking to supplant Adobe Acrobat for third of the price

When Adobe (NASDAQ: ADBE) made PDF an open standard, it laid the groundwork for its use as the standard document distribution format, but it also opened the door to competitors to build similar products. One that has been taking advantage of this for a long time is Nitro and last week it introduced Nitro Pro 8.5, a product that offers comparable features to Adobe Acrobat (the full featured PDF maker software) for around a third of the cost.

Nitro claims that half the Fortune 100 companies are using its products and customers include well known brands such as Pepsi, Boeing and Nike among others.

Among the high-end features available in the latest version include PDF to PowerPoint conversion in which original text, images and layout are all preserved in a PowerPoint format. The new version also includes the ability to take multiple documents and build portfolios or collections of documents, and save them in a PDF format. Another new feature is XML Forms Architecture (XFA) support, which enables users to create forms, which readers can view, fill out and save in XFA format.

Nitro CEO Sam Chandler recognizes that in order to beat a brand with the strong name of recognition of Adobe, his company needs to provide comparable features and elite customer support at a lower cost--and he believes they are doing just that. "We are constantly striving to improve our core product offering, whether that's through the addition of new features, enhancing the overall product user experience, or providing the industry's best customer service and support," Chandler said in a statement.

If you're looking for the features you find in Adobe Acrobat to create sophisticated PDF documents, but you want to pay less money, Nitro is offering you a viable alternative for a much lower cost than the Adobe product.

You want proof? OK, you can buy a single user Nitro Pro license for $119.99 and Nitro offers a free fully functioning 14-day trial so you can try before you buy. Compare this with an Acrobat XI single user license, which costs $449 on

Companies buying in volume can get it for even less through the Nitro Volume License Program.

For more information:
- see the Nitro press release

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