NewsGator updates Social Sites for SharePoint 2013

Shares code base with 2010 for easy upgrading

Last week, NewsGator introduced the latest version of Social Sites, its enterprise social software product, with support for SharePoint 2013.

In order to help its customers make the transition from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013, NewsGator used a shared code base to help ease the conversion from one system to another. This is no small matter as NewsGator makes its living primarily as a SharePoint third-party vendor.

By making it easier for customers to make the transition from one version to another, it's maintaining its standing as one of the premiere social software add-ons for SharePoint.

The new version also includes a personalized toolbar that enables users to monitor social activity across applications. Users can view conversations and respond to them within the flow of whatever they're doing. NewsGator also makes Social Sites available within Outlook and offers a mobile version for workers who need to get enterprise social information on the go.

This is also an important element because one factor holding back enterprise social software is this idea that you have to move to another program to socialize. If social is always there in the background, it makes it easier to wade in as much or as little as you want and see what's going on at a glance while you're doing your daily work.

NewsGator president and CEO Daniel Kraft certainly recognizes the importance of letting people get their social streams within the context of the work they are doing. "Not everybody works the same way in the workplace. For social to truly succeed and increase human productivity it must tune to how people work individually," Kraft said in a statement.

He added, "Social Sites lets people intuitively participate and shape social interactions in ways that suit them, helping them add value through this increased connectivity."

The latest version also gives organizations the ability to define different views for individual employees based on attributes, such as role or business unit, making sure that people see the social streams that are most relevant to their jobs.

It's imperative for a company like NewsGator to continue to offer compelling features to provide a product that delivers more advanced social functionality than can be found in the base SharePoint product. And this is even more important than usual for NewsGator in light of Microsoft's (NASDAQ: MSFT) purchase of Yammer last year, which gives it its own enterprise social software product to incorporate into SharePoint.

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