New Oracle imaging solution helps solve workflow issues


This week, software giant Oracle released a new imaging and workflow product: Oracle® Imaging and Process Management 11g. The product gives enterprise customers the ability to scan business documents and put them through a defined workflow. Oracle is billing this as part of the Oracle Fusion Middleware product set.

The idea behind this product says Andy MacMillan, Oracle's vp of product management (whom we interviewed One on One) is to provide a way to control the onslaught of paper documents that are still a part of just about every enterprise's work process. The goal, he says, is to simplify that process. "Invoices, receipts and exceptions can create a paper storm that delays payments, increases resource requirements and results in penalty fees and damaged business relationships," MacMillan said.

"The launch of Oracle Forms Recognition and Oracle Imaging and Process Management 11g," he explained, "delivers a unified, comprehensive imaging and process management platform that helps put those documents and images where they belong and where they can be easily managed--in the applications business people use every day to complete their jobs."

The product, like many of this ilk, includes a set of common, pre-defined workflow templates to give IT departments a head start in deploying these types of solutions, but it will still in all likelihood require a significant IT effort to implement these solutions. Still, if the product can, as Oracle claims, provide a way to reduce paperwork in a cost-effective manner, it could justify that effort.

One other feature worth mentioning is multi-lingual support for 27 languages providing a way for multi-national organizations to process invoices in multiple languages across a variety of geographic locations.

For more information:
- see the Oracle press release

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