New Moxie product gives marketing access to Facebook profile information

Lets companies create customized offers based on profile

Moxie has announced a new tool that lets marketers access Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) profile information in order to create more targeted offerings.

The product, called Engage+, is part of Moxie's Chat Spaces product. The idea is to give companies a way to leverage the information they have about people who like their brand page on Facebook.

The problem with Facebook marketing is that while you can engage directly with consumers on Facebook, it hasn't given a clear path to getting at Facebook information about the individual users who like your page. This tool takes advantage of the Facebook API to get at that underlying information, if the user has given you permission to access the information.

Once a user gives permission, you can access information on his or her age, friend count, interests, likes and any related competitor activity, and use this to target more relevant information.

Tom Kelly, president and CEO of Moxie Software, says having this type of information is crucial to businesses operating online. "Social commerce requires brands to use new technologies that meet the expectations of socially-connected consumers," he said in a statement.

Engage+ gives you that ability to interact with customers directly in Facebook, and Moxie sees it as a way to turn engagement into revenue, and even as a way to access competitors' customers.

This is an interesting twist in that it further blurs the lines between internal and external social engagement; it tries to provide a way to give companies direct access to customers to take advantage of their online activities and to turn them into happier customers who buy things.

For more information:
- see the Moxie press release

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