New Box feature builds Box functionality anywhere

HTML5 embed code makes Box functionality as portable as a YouTube video

On Tuesday, at the BoxWorks Conference, Box CEO Aaron Levie announced a new embed functionality that lets companies embed Box content anywhere using an HTML5 embed code. They also announced 10 partners including Jive, NetSuite, Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL) and Zendesk who will have this embed capability built into their products.

At a demonstration today using NetSuite, the company showed Box show up as a fully functioning tab in NetSuite with all of the content associated with that customer listed in the Box tab. What's more, the content carries the complete set of Box functionality with it, so anything you can do with that content in Box, you can do in that folder.

Levie said that anytime they update Box functionality, the embed functionality will upgrade with it because it is full Box functionality embedded in another program.

From a user perspective, they can embed a Box folder anywhere, such as a web landing page or a blog post, and give visitors complete access to the range of Box functionality. And you can set folder sharing parameters just as you can when sharing a folder with somebody else.

From Levie's perspective, it provides a way to extend Box into just about anywhere and that has very powerful implications if it takes off. "We're making it incredibly simple for our partners and developers to leverage the power of Box from within their services, and to provide a central content layer for enterprise productivity."

Levie sees this ability as a real differentiator for Box in a collaboration space that's growing increasingly crowded by the week. We joked that there is a new file sharing announcement a couple of times of a week and it seems that there is. He believes that this provides a way for his company to show its commitment to content sharing by making it available anywhere with full Box functionality built in.

"Our content is available anywhere and I promise you we are the only company thinking on that level today because it's the only thing we do," he said.

The level of integration and how automated the integration is depends on the partnership, a Box spokesperson explained. "So with NetSuite we do the record-level folders automatically, and have security settings so you can restrict access within Box so that we essentially follow NetSuite's permissions," the spokesperson explained. She added, "With partners we do custom integration, rather than just grabbing the code and embedding like customers can do."

Overall, it seems to be part of a strategy on Box's part to put Box in front of users as much as possible, and it's hard to argue with the elegance of this approach. 

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