New Apperian governance tool gives IT control over enterprise apps

Can define rules, polices and apply them on the fly

Apperian recently released a governance and security tool that enables IT pros to apply policies and security to enterprise mobile apps.

The tool is called the Dynamic Policy Framework and it's part of the Apperian app development platform. It allows administrators and others to set security polices on enterprise apps, even after the app has been deployed. Once a policy is applied, the app adheres to it immediately without any further intervention by the rule writer or the user.

The beauty of Apperian's approach is that the policies don't require an SDK and you can layer on as many policies as you wish based on a granular set of variables such as location, time and role. What's more, you're not relying on end users to apply the policies, so compliance is 100 percent by the nature of the system.

The policies don't require any coding and users don't have to download a new version of the app to implement the policies. It's all automated and automatic, says Carlos Montero-Luque, Apperian's chief technology officer.

"At the same time, we've made it really simple to apply a policy change to an app without requiring an SDK or having access to an app's source code. This greatly reduces administrative tasks because application administration can be delegated to someone in a line of business such as a sales operations person, not just IT," he said in a statement.

If developers wish to take advantage of the policy control mechanism, Apperian has also released a software development kit, or SDK, for that purpose.

Governance and security are key concerns for enterprises deploying apps on mobile devices, especially when the apps access repositories behind the firewall. This system appears to simplify the act of generating and applying policies without putting a huge burden on IT or on end users. 

If it works as described, once you save the policy, they are implemented immediately and you can't get much simpler than that.

For more information:
- see the Apperian press release

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