Moxie introduces two products for regulated industries

Real-time chat collaboration and email compliance tools

Last week, Moxie announced two new products designed to help companies in highly-regulated industries work in online social channels that allow them to go beyond traditional contact centers.

The tools are designed to provide a secure way to communicate with customers across a variety of channels outside of the expensive call center variety.

The Email Compliance Manager lets supervisors watch employee in-boxes for regulatory and compliance purposes to ensure that customer service agents are complying with company and external compliance procedures. It sounds a little heavy-handed, but it's probably necessary in the target industries.

There is also a new Real-time Chat tool that lets customer service personnel bring a third person expert into the online chat when needed. This can help ensure that questions are answered accurately and the right person is dealing with the issue.

Nikhil Govindaraj, vice president of products at Moxie Software says these tools are designed specifically to meet the needs of industries that require additional security and governance on social channels, while giving these companies access to more social tools. 

"More customers choose online communication channels to get the right answers to their questions, adding pressure to organizations to implement secure, flexible and cost-effective technologies," he said.

Moxie announced that these new tools will be available to customers in mid-July.

For more information:
- see the Moxie press release

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