More details emerge in EMC-Syncplicity deal

Will integrate with Documentum, but also remain web service

One of the big announcements this week at EMC World in Las Vegas, at least from a content management perspective was the Information Intelligence Group's purchase of cloud file syncing and sharing service Syncplicity.

As we reported, yesterday it was a big deal because it provides a way to share files while giving administrators control over content by letting them delete files from user accounts or revoke access altogether--instantly removing the content from the end-user's account. 

Yet even though the deal seemed like a smart move by EMC, questions remained about how it might implement its new service. Would it subsume the service into Documentum and other IIG services or would it let the service remain a stand-alone web service?

The answer is that it intends to do both with an eye toward its traditional Fortune 2000 enterprise customer base, but also individual prosumer users, departments within companies and even individual users--taking a page from the freemium model to attract individuals, rather than making it a pure IT play as you might expect.

Rick Devenuti, the president of IIG says EMC will develop an enterprise version of Syncplicity along side the business version Syncplicity already offered prior to the purchase. The enterprise version will be tied to Documentum and all that encompasses it in terms of security, governance, workflow and so forth. 

Jeetu Patel, chief strategy officer and chief marketing officer for IIG (he must be very busy) told me that Syncplicity won't just be about Documentum, but will allow enterprise customers to get at content wherever it lives, whether that's Documentum, SharePoint or another repository. Patel added that EMC will leave the web service in place along with freemium model, but not to grab individual consumers, so much as prosumer users inside companies.

Devenuti indicated that going after SMBs as well as its traditional enterprise customers will be a part of the future strategy for IIG moving forward. He stressed it won't happen immediately, but the Syncplicity purchase is a first step toward a broader customer approach than we are used to seeing from EMC IIG in the past.

I will be covering overall IIG strategy and road map in a post next week. 

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