Microsoft plans to integrate Yammer into SkyDrive Pro, Office Web Apps

Yammer to be further integrated into SharePoint

Mary Jo Foley, who covers Microsoft for ZDNet,  pointed out that a recent press release that focused mostly on Yammer market growth had an interesting nugget buried in the news. Microsoft plans to integrate Yammer into SkyDrive Pro and Office Web Apps later this summer.

The new integration will combine SkyDrive Pro, which is the SharePoint storage platform, with Yammer social tools. The way Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) explained it at the SharePoint conference is that SkyDrive would store personal files like a personal hard drive, except in the cloud. SkyDrive Pro, on the other hand, is where you share corporate files, more akin to the traditional shared drives on SharePoint.

By combing Yammer with these services, Microsoft will be able to offer its own cloud-based collaboration platform that would include Yammer social functionality at its core, SkyDrive Pro would act at the file sharing layer and users could store and share files, and preview them from within Yammer--and then collaborate through Yammer.

The idea is to create an easier way to share files within Yammer, while further blurring the lines between the collaboration platform that Microsoft purchased last year and the SharePoint cloud product.

As Foley points out in the article, Microsoft officials told her that was the plan all along and this appears to be that plan coming to fruition.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has to be pretty happy with Yammer's performance since purchasing it. In a press release, Microsoft announced, among other things, that Yammer surpassed 7 million registered users, nearly tripled its 2012 year over year sales and increased the number of paying customers by 165 percent in 2012.

Given what Microsoft paid for Yammer, this shows that the deal has worked out well for both sides. Microsoft gave Yammer a corporate backing it couldn't have built on its own in the short term and it gave Microsoft a solid cloud vendor to add to its portfolio.

For more information, including more details on Yammer's 2012 growth trajectory:
- see the Microsoft press release

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