MetaVis offers simplified content migration to Office 365

Eases move to online version of SharePoint

MetaVis recently announced a new data migration tool set to help companies make the transition from SharePoint, even SharePoint 2003 or 2007, to online, enabling them to move only the content they need and get rid of the obsolete stuff.

Peter Senescu, president and co-founder of MetaVis Technologies, says his company is trying to ease the transition and help migrate only essential content to save time and cost associated with migrating to the latest SharePoint tool.

"MetaVis Migration Suite allows companies to organize their SharePoint as they migrate, ensuring that they do not upgrade their mess but instead migrate to a fresh and clean SharePoint environment. Unlike the database attach method, our SharePoint migration tool allows users to take full advantage of the new features in SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online such as the redesigned user interface and Shredded Storage during migration," he explained in a statement.

MetaVis offers a two-pronged approach--MetaVis Migration Suite and Architect Suite. Both offer ways to transfer data to SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 (the cloud/hosted version of SharePoint).

Among the features are "Shredded Storage" support, which enables customers to migrate only the most recent version of a document and any required for compliance purposes. What's more, you can migrate and structure content such as lists, sites, libraries and other SharePoint organizing systems. You can also migrate metadata and even adjust metadata as part of the migration process.

These tools are available immediately and appear to be useful tools to help ease the move from your older version of SharePoint to the most current one.

For more information,
- see the MetaVis press release

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