Lucid Imagination brings open source search to big data


Lucid Imagination released a new version of LucidWorks this week that provides an easier way for data centers to install and use the open source search products Apache Lucene and Solr.

LucidWorks 2.0 has been designed to make it simpler to build, install and manage Apache Lucene and Solr applications, and it claims it's built to scale to search against so-called big data repositories.

One of the biggest issues for companies adopting open source software is that they often lack the polished installation packages of the more commercial software packages. LucidWorks 2.0 provides new setup and management tools via an administrative console that in its words, "streamlines configuration, deployment and operations" for IT when setting up, deploying and managing the application.

What's more, LucidWorks has been tuned to work across a variety of content repositories including Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) SharePoint, the Hadoop Distributed Files system and even data stored in an Amazon EC2 cloud storage installation.

Susan Feldman, research vice president of Search and Discovery Technologies at IDC sees this as a smart approach in a changing enterprise search market. "The market for search and discovery software is experiencing a transition period characterized by two simultaneous dynamics: maturation and consolidation of mainstream enterprise search offerings, and multiple waves of technology and application innovation supporting a range of highly specific business domains," she said.

She adds, "IDC expects the next generation of information access platforms to become full-range information capture, management, and access platforms that can also deliver and/or provide support for developing search-based applications."

And presumably that will play to the Lucid Imagination's strengths.

For more information:
- see the Lucid Imagination press release

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