Liferay mobile SDK offers customers way to build mobile apps on platform

Simplifies shift to mobile for Liferay customers

This week, Liferay announced it was releasing a new mobile SDK that should help Liferay customers build mobile apps on top of the platform more easily. 

The SDK has been designed to work with Liferay Portal 6.2 and builds on the responsive design elements that Liferay built into previous releases. Responsive Design enables a company to design a website in such a way that it adapts automatically to device size, exposing less and less of the site depending on the screen size.

The SDK adds on to this capability, enabling developers to create apps for iOS or Android on top of the portal. The idea, according to Liferay, is say you have integrated your company CRM application with Liferay. You could build an app based on this connection that provides sales reps with access to this data from an app on their mobile devices.

Liferay CTO Michael Young says that companies are increasingly asking for mobile capability and this is a case of giving the customers the tools they need to build those mobile apps.

"Our customers want this for a lot of the same reasons they chose Liferay: they don't want to keep re-writing the same code for several mobile apps, and they want to consolidate integration points behind a single system. The solutions we've come up with for making websites and portals easier to develop cross over well to mobile app development," Young explained in a statement.

According to Liferay, the SDK offers several advantages for Liferay developers who are already building Liferay portals, including using a set of commonly shared services, providing access to Liferay content and collaboration tools in a mobile context and customization capabilities within the mobile app.

As statistics increasingly show a dramatic shift to mobile devices, companies are looking for ways to shift their resources to mobile to take advantage, and providing an SDK to help ease that transition should prove valuable to Liferay customers, assuming the ease of use is there.

For more information:
- see the Liferay press release

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