Liferay announces application marketplace

Liferay and third parties will develop tools for open source portal.

This week, open source portal developer Liferay announced that it was officially opening its online application marketplace with tools specifically designed to enhance Liferay's out-of-the-box experience.

To get things started, Liferay has seeded the marketplace with 70 tools, but is opening it up to third-party developers. They plan to add transaction and payment processing in the next development phase, so developers who wish to charge can collect funds.

Brian Chan, chief software architect at Liferay, says the idea is to let others take advantage of the open nature of the platform and develop tools people can download and use to extend Liferay functionality without a lot of fuss or IT intervention.

"It greatly enhances our customers' abilities to extend their existing web solutions in a manner that saves them on time and the costs associated with solution upgrades," he said.

Chan added that the marketplace also provides a centralized way for developers to add value to the Liferay product. "Also, in keeping with Liferay's longstanding commitment to creating value for the open source community, Liferay Marketplace aims to make it easier for a larger community of developers to share and distribute innovations as easily consumable modular applications," Chan said.

This type of marketplace is becoming increasingly common, whether it's cell phone operating systems, enterprise software, open source software or even packages like Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) Office. Having a marketplace for open source software makes a lot of sense because the open nature of the software means people are working on it anyway. This just gives users and developers a way to share their tools--and perhaps make some money along the way.

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