Lessons learned from Deloitte's collaboration 2.0 deployment


In January 2010, Deloitte's Knowledge Management team introduced a limited release tool for internal collaboration. The 2.0-development began back in 2009, when the company decided it wanted to upgrade to Sharepoint 2007, add NewsGator, revamp it's Intranet and assess existing new-media activity (Facebook-, Yammer-, SocialCast- and Wiki-users were scattered around the company). The new system, called "D Street" integrates the NewsGator and Sharepoint components within the company's Intranet.

While speaking Nov. 16 at KMWorld, a knowledge management conference in Washington, D.C., one of the project managers for the newly-launched tool suggested other companies learn from Deloitte's success and slowly roll out changes to Enterprise 2.0 tools rather than overhaul the entire infrastructure at once. Changes in taxonomy, capabilities and structure can confuse workers and elicit a bad first impression, said David Boland, director of Knowledge Management at Deloitte Services.

To simplify that landscape for new users, Deloitte created an interactive decision tree to help users think through who they're trying to collaborate with--internally at Deloitte, or with contractors, clients or vendors, for example. The decision tree leads users to better understand the best ways to use the tool, and get the information they're seeking.

Another bit of advice from Deloitte collaboration deployment: Don't forget the importance of moderation, management and risk management.

"This space really opens up the door to a lot of new risk management issues that--candidly, from a traditional KM perspective--we did not have to deal with before," said Boland.

In the end, Deloitte decided it could leverage existing policies around external communications and it's code of conduct, as opposed to standing up a whole new set of policies around collaboration and social media, explained Boland.

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