Laserfiche 9 focuses on integrated workflow

BPM and ECM can be a powerful combination.

Last week at its annual Empower Conference, Laserfiche announced the release of Laserfiche 9, which combines business process management with enterprise content management for a powerful case management solution.

The product includes web-based forms for creating workflows and tools that provide a way for management to oversee the workflows and how well they are moving the work through various cycles.

Kenneth Chin, Gartner vice president of content, collaboration and social, says the fusion of BPM and ECM can provide more benefits than either technology deployed alone. "By enhancing the workflow capabilities to the Laserfiche Rio and Avante, customers can digitize and automate more of the complex business processes. Also, by providing solution frameworks for the more common business processes such as accounts payable, loans processing, and permitting, Laserfiche also enables quicker deployment which results in quicker ROI," he explained.

Chin said this combination of solutions is tailor made for case management applications. "BPM is essentially for case management. That's why many of the case management vendors come from the BPM side. Case management is really a spectrum of business process applications rather than a single type of application. To be a player in today's case management market, a vendor needs to have both BPM and ECM capabilities.Thus over the past two years, we have seen a number of acquisitions of BPM vendors by ECM vendors," he said.

In the changing world of ECM, Chin says Gartner expects that by 2015, at least 60 percent of information workers will interact with content applications via a mobile device, and Laserfiche's iPad and iPhone apps provide mobile capability to capture and consume content on iOS devices, he said.

Chin says that he believes Laserfiche has a leg up on its traditional ECM competitors because of price, even in a shifting marketplace. "Relative to many of its competitors, Laserfiche is simpler and costs less to implement. So yes, product-wise, Laserfiche can be successful in the marketplace," Chin said.

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