Jive grabs a couple of online productivity tools

Adds to its social software suite

Jive announced a couple of interesting purchases this week: Meetings.io and and Producteev.

The first gives Jive a video meeting tool, which it had been lacking. As Jive put it on their website, if you want to be social, what better way than face to face. I first saw video incorporated in a social tool in June when Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) showed off Cisco WebEx, which incorporated video and voice leveraging its WebEx brand. Google has created Google Hangouts in Google Plus, so it seems that video meetings are the new must-have features in enterprise social and this purchase gives Jive just that.

Jive CEO Tony Zingale, writing in the company blog, said he likes the simplicity of the tool. "Meeting.io's RTC platform allows people to use video and chat connections by simply clicking a link. What I love about it is that work gets that much more personal and moves that much faster. When I can simply call up a session without hassle and talk to someone to solve a problem in real time, I know I'm much more efficient, personal and frankly, better," he wrote.

The other tool, Producteev, is a cloud-based task management system, which should fit in nicely with a social software suite and allow project managers to delegate and manage tasks for their teams from anywhere. The tool lets teams view tasks on any device, and even grab tasks from an email and adds it to your tasks list.

As enterprise social software matures, it becomes much more difficult to innovate to create different makers for each company. What Jive is doing with these purchases is adding value to the suite with their checkbook, which gives them not only additional functionality, but also key personnel from each of these organizations, and of course their customer lists.

For more information:
- see the Jive press release
- Tony Zingale's Jive blog post

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