Infographic: Worldwide Internet usage being driven by mobile

Translation and localization need to part of your content plan

If you doubted the power of mobile to drive Internet usage, check out the numbers in the infographic below, which show Internet usage by country. China leads the way with 513 million users. And while the United States is second with 245 million, the numbers show high usage numbers across a number of countries.

The usage, especially in places like China, India, Turkey and Nigeria, have huge pools of Internet users and chances are this is being driven by cheap mobile devices, which give users easy access to the Internet. In 2011, there were 6.1 billion mobile phone subscriptions in the world out of which almost a billion were smartphones.

The data in this infographic is like a road map for companies looking to expand their online business beyond English-speaking countries. But in order to do this, you need localization and translation plan to make that happen.

We just published a free eBook chock full of information from industry experts on how to deal with your translation and localization issues. These numbers tell a story. Are you listening?

Click the image below for the full infographic

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