Infographic: How to properly attribute Creative Commons content

Important to do it correctly

If you're looking for the perfect photo for your content, a great source is But good etiquette means giving the photographer proper credit in your post and citing the license terms.

Creative Commons is an organization that was set up 10 years ago to help redefine copyright in the Internet age. Instead of the rigid 20th century definition with no room for nuance or intent, the Creative Commons license lets content owners define to what extent they want to share their content. You might want a strict copyright or you might allow people to modify it. You might want to limit commercial use or allow it. The beauty of Creative Commons is its flexibility

But the problem is that too often, people sharing the content don't offer appropriate attribution. This infographic provides you with everything you need to know about Creative Commons licenses and how to attribute them properly.

Creative Commons Photos
How To Attribute Creative Commons Photos by Foter Used under Creative Commons SA license.

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