Huddle's new notes tool lets users create, share notes in cloud

Create content without leaving app

Huddle introduced a new app this week called Huddle Note, that lets users create, share and edit notes in the Huddle cloud ecosystem.

The new tool is designed to give users a way to create fairly simple documents such as a meeting agenda or to capture meeting notes and share them with colleagues, a common task for project teams who would be using a tool like Huddle. But you can include pictures and links to other materials so that they are richer than a simple set of text notes.

Huddle is not the first vendor to market with such a tool. Box introduced Box Notes back in September to offer similar functionality, but it does give Huddle customers a notes tool in their system.

The tool includes version control and an audit trail capability so that if there are questions about changes to the document, you can see who made the change all the way back to creation and all the way through every edit to a particular document.

Huddle CEO Alastair Mitchell says this tool offers a single place for today's mobile worker to do his or her work without having to switch apps.

"People don't want to waste time skipping between apps, battling with legacy word processors, and then uploading documents to the cloud to share them with co-workers--especially when they're quick notes such as brainstorm ideas and meeting minutes," Mitchell said in a statement.

This tool is designed specifically for that scenario. This didn't escape Vanessa Thompson, research manager of enterprise social networks and collaborative technologies at IDC, who says these types of mobile productivity apps are increasingly important for a mobile workforce.

"Employees need the real time connectivity that mobile devices offer, but they also need intelligent filtering and they need to have apps that are contextually aware to enable efficiency in business decision making," she said in a statement.

The new Note tool is available to Huddle customers immediately. 

While the tool may not be original, it is an essential part of a modern collaboration tool package and it gives Huddle customers the ability to create documents quickly without having to explicitly open another application to do it--and there is a great value in that.

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