HP launches updated SharePoint governance tool


HP released Trim 7 this week, the newest update to its SharePoint governance tool. HP acquired Tower Software, the original developers of this software back in 2008.

One of the big complaints from SharePoint administrators has been the difficulty in dealing with the ad-hoc nature and widespread proliferation of SharePoint sites. The good news for users is how easy it is to set up a site. The bad news for IT administrators is how to deal with all of those sites, which can number into the thousands in larger organizations. Trim 7 is designed to deal with that by giving IT administrators a single interface view of the SharePoint environment across the organization.

Mark Gilbert, research vice president at Gartner says that organizations need solutions to manage the explosion of large volumes of information that tools like SharePoint bring to the table. "New solutions are growing rapidly for authoring and managing enterprise content in various formats and sources, and this trend is truly changing the way organizations do business.”

Specifically, Trim 7 is introducing records management and archiving. The fact that a large company like HP recognizes the need for this type of management in the enterprise is significant. Companies are being flooded with information, while at the same time, they come under increasing pressure to monitor and in some instance, control this information.

Microsoft for one is happy to have HP on board. "We’re pleased to see HP embracing and extending the SharePoint platform for their TRIM offering. For our joint customers, this provides a great opportunity to realize the value of their investment in both technology stacks," said Tricia Bush, director, Microsoft SharePoint.

This is just further proof that the eDiscovery area is an increasingly important aspect of content management and one that is catching the attention of the largest enterprise software players.

For more information:
- see the HP press release

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