Hippo 7.8 adds customer relevance module

Brings customer experience management to open source tool

This week, Hippo, the open source web content management tool, announced the release of Hippo 7.8. The big addition in the new version is a customer relevance module designed to help marketers customize the web site experience for visitors based on what they know about them.

The product is designed to incorporate three key concepts. The first is Persona, or the general characteristics that define the visitor. On a hotel site that might be business traveler, event planner or family travelers.

The second piece is Personal History, or what you know explicitly about what the person has done in the past. Continuing the hotel site example, the event planner has planned several events in the past. She likes to use several specific rooms and has ordered items from your catering service. All this might be in your CRM system or customer service system.

The final piece is Situation. In the hotel example, the event planner has returned to the site and is trying to plan a new event. You know she's an event planner. You know her buying history and you can begin to design a web site experience based on this knowledge, instead of giving her the same path you would give to a new visitor whom you know nothing about.

Arje Cahn, CTO and Founder of Hippo, says this ability to target customers can give users a substantial advantage in the marketplace. "The targeting capabilities of our new Relevance Module give our clients the means to have continuously meaningful conversations with their customers to drive engagement, loyalty and ultimately revenues,"  Cahn said in a statement.

Hippo is clearly on the right track with this and has designed a module that plays to a marketing department's strengths and the way they tend to think, and interact, with customers outside of digital channels.

Overall, this kind of targeting, and Hippo's open nature and ability to tie into third party programs like CRM, should work well for businesses, but we are still very early in customer targeting and how well it works in practice remains to be seen.

For more information:
- see the Hippo press release

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