Google Chrome extension suggests related content


Whether you're a fan of Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) or not, you have to admit the company is always thinking about how to improve the search experience. To that end, last week Google announced a new related content extension for Google Chrome it's calling Google Related.

Much like YouTube suggests related content after you finish watching a video, the idea of this tool, is to provide you with links to other content to keep you engaged with the site. It's a lesson that any content provider should learn.

For now at least, this is just an extension for Google Chrome. Once it's installed, if Google has related content for the page you're on, a thin box pops up at the bottom of the browser with some links.

So far, it seems to work with musicians, technology toys and sports news. It didn't provide any related content to a story on the crisis in Libya, but it did provide related content on a story on last night's Red Sox-Ranger's game. On, it provided me with related content on the now defunct HP TouchPad and the Amazon Kindle eBook reader.

As with many of Google's tools, it seems to be starting out slowly and will probably add more content types over time. It would seem, for example, that news would be a great use of this tool.

For now, it's a tool with some potential. It really needs to work across multiple browsers to be truly useful because not everyone is going to be using Chrome.

For more information:
- see the Google blog post

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