FirstRain lets users turn data into Salesforce tasks

Data-driven customer strategy

This week, FirstRain announced a new analytics tool that integrates with customer data and helps derive information to drive actionable tasks in Salesforce.

FirstRain is first and foremost a sales analytics company. By linking its data to, users can create data-driven tasks that have the potential--at least--to have an impact on bottom line sales. FirstRain provides a report each day based on your customers and industries. The report looks much like this one:

FirstRain CEO Penny Herscher says surfacing this information can help sales people be more effective. "To be competitive in today's market, enterprise sales teams need to not only deeply understand the customer, their customer's customer and their customer's market, but they must also be able to instantly act on that intelligence," she said in a statement.

The system allows users not only to generate tasks based on the latest information, but to learn more about the customer and the context of what's happening to them. Finally, the First Rain tool lets users share important information with their teams via the Salesforce Chatter social collaboration tool or by email.

What's more, users can get this information on their smartphones, tablets, including the iPad, or by email each morning. 

Providing detailed customer information in a format that makes it easy for busy sales people to understand crucial events that could be having an impact on their customer relationships is crucial and tying this information into the CRM tool--in the case of sense. Users can view the information and decide the best way to use it, whether that's creating an action, making a note or sharing it with colleagues.

For more information:
- see the FirstRain press release

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