FierceContentManagement M&A Roundup

OpenText, SDL and Telerik make purchases

There were several acquisitions by content management vendors recently, and I thought it would be worthwhile to provide a round-up with some key information for you.

OpenText buys ResonateKT reporting company

OpenText announced it has purchased long-time partner ResonateKT, which provides reporting services for the OpenText Content Server. The reports provide a way to surface content in role-based views, so users see the content that's most relevant to them. As a key partner, it's the type of purchase that makes a lot of sense for both sides, and since the companies have worked together for a long time, there shouldn't be any awkward post-purchase transition period as there might be with some other acquisitions. 

SDL buys mobile software company bemoko

SDL announced it has purchased mobile web development company bemoko to deliver content to mobile devices. Having a mobile content delivery product is increasingly important for web content management vendors and this purchase gives SDL the ability to deliver a custom mobile experience that is more than simply resizing the screen for mobile device delivery. It gives SDL a company that is completely focused on mobile first and that's essential in today's market. It should be interesting to see how SDL incorporates the bemoko product and service offerings into the SDL family of products.

Telerik buys EQATEC analytics solution

Telerik announced it has purchased EQUATEC, a Copenhagen, Denmark-based company that has developed a cross-platform application analytics solution, which they describe as Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) Analytics for applications. EQATEC Analytics provides basic information, like number of users, user location, frequency of app usage, and duration of usage sessions, to fine-grained insights into use of specific features, according to a statement. The purchase makes a lot of sense because Telerik provides a range of services including software, life cycle development and content management. This tool gives app developers a way to understand their user base and how they are using the apps in order to develop features and functionality that users want and use.

These three purchases make a lot of sense for each of the companies. Acquisitions are always a gamble of sorts about whether the product or service, and the purchased company's employees, can integrate well into a larger organization, but these are all smart, strategic purchases and should help the companies improve their service offerings in a changing market landscape.

For more information on each of the acquisitions:
- see the OpenText press release
- see the SDL press release
- see the Telerik press release

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