Evernote finally creates business version

Designed for maintaining groups and sharing

Evernote made several announcements recently, but the most interesting one for business users is the launch of Evernote Business.

In a video announcement, Evernote CEO Phil Libin admitted that he originally created Evernote for himself, but as the software proliferated and the company grew, it became clear that from his own personal perspective, he had to add features to Evernote to make it more business friendly. 

To that end, Evernote has added an administrative console where administrators can control access and sharing to company notebooks. It has also made it simple to add new users with a business email address. What's more, businesses can create central notebooks, such as an HR notebook, where all employees can have access to key information. 

The latter makes it sound like a modern-day Lotus Notes, but whatever it resembles, it's a step in the right direction towards making Evernote more of a true sharing platform. I use it as a way to track story ideas and keep myself organized in my work as a freelance technology journalist. Businesses could use it as more of a group sharing tool organized by tags and notebooks.

While it's clearly a nod toward business, it will probably need more stringent security for larger companies to truly embrace it. 

Evernote Business will be available later this year and Evernote has launched the Evernote Business website. Pricing is $10 per user, per month. No word on volume discounts.

You can see Phil Libin's announcement in the video below:


For more information:
- see the Evernote blog

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