enCase 5.0 strengthens its eDiscovery argument

Incorporates cloud via CaseCentral purchase

Guidance Software announced enCase 5.0 this week, which incorporates the recently purchased CaseCentral to bring cloud review. This should simplify the eDiscovery process, while making it faster and more efficient--at least that's the goal.

When a company is slapped with an order to produce documents related to a lawsuit, panic often ensues. How are the lawyers supposed to get at these documents, which could be spread across a myriad of document repositories across a vast enterprise?

Victor Limongelli, Guidance Software President and CEO, says the goal when they purchased CaseCentral was to provide a way for in-house council to control the process and take advantage of the cloud that CaseCentral allows.

"When we acquired CaseCentral, we had a vision for an integrated platform that would enable corporate counsel to avoid the black box of outsourced eDiscovery and to take control of the process, risks, and costs," he said.

David Horrigan, Analyst for E-Discovery and Information Governance at 451 Research, says that companies are looking for a platform, rather than just a solution on which to build their eDiscovery process. "Organizations seeking enterprise-grade eDiscovery applications often find disparate point products requiring extensive manual effort to integrate." 

enCase is attempting to be that platform by providing a complete process that searches and indexes the content stores at a much faster pace than previous versions. Whether it's successful at incorporating CaseCentral and making that happen is the key question.

For more information:
- see the enCase press release

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