Dropbox takes aim at enterprise with new administrative controls

Provides administrative back-end control for Dropbox for Teams

Dropbox took a huge step toward becoming a legitimate enterprise tool when it announced new administrative controls for its Dropbox for Teams product today.

While we have seen many cases of Dropbox emerging as an enterprise file sharing tool, certainly one of its chief limitations from a security point of view was a lack of administrative controls, and this announcement addresses customer concerns around that issue.

The new tools let administrators using Dropbox for Teams access a console with document usage statistics, such as number of downloads and other information like team log-ins, team invitations and so forth. More importantly, the administrator now has a sharing control that lets you control, at the folder level, which documents and links the team is allowed to share outside the company. The administrator can shut off outside sharing altogether or let team members set permissions.

You can shut down a linked device, and when an employee leaves the company, you can delete their account, or you can convert it to an individual Dropbox account. What's more, you can set up two-step verification for logging in, and if you had a breach, you can reset all passwords in a single step. You can also keep track of the number of licenses you have, and view your recent invoices and payments.

Administrators can also download and create reports based on the information in the administrative console.

Dropbox for Teams was the first step by Dropbox to try to make itself a bit more enterprise friendly. The administrative controls are another step.

Just last week, Dropbox announced a couple of other highly useful features. The one that shows a document preview when you click on a document could prove quite useful for business users. The other that automatically creates photo albums when a folder contains photos will also have some business utility, but is geared more towards consumers.

You can learn about the Administrative features by watching the video below:

Dropbox is in the enterprise, so the fact that it's taking steps to make it more friendly for business is a big plus for it as it tries to expand from a consumer oriented tool to a business one.

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