DNN's latest version of Evoq community tool uses responsive design

Will resize on mobile devices

DNN (formerly DotNetNuke) announced a new release of their Evoq community product this week. 

The latest version takes advantage of responsive design techniques so it will work on any device from desktop to tablet to smartphone, regardless of the screen size.

The new version not only allows you to run it on any device, it's designed to build the community directly into your company website, so you don't have to force users to move to a third-party site to interact with you. They stay on your branded pages and within your website, where they can easily interact with your other content if need be.

Among the other new features, users can include HTML coding in answers and can even upload images. On the backend, DNN has optimized database access, so users making queries can access answers more quickly. 

Will Morgenweck, vice president of product management at DNN, says the update is aimed at helping customers create communities that work across the devices they are using today.

"By eliminating the need for extra steps to optimize a community across varied devices, we are able to save our customers both time and money. This capability gives community managers and site designers the ability to know that their communities' look and feel will be consistent to their customers across all platforms instantly and effectively," Morgenweck said in a statement.

And this isn't a trivial matter for organizations trying to maintain a consistent look and feel across devices. By taking advantage of responsive design, DNN is offering their customers a way to provide a consistent experience, regardless of the device.

For more information:
- see the DNN press release

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