CoreMedia 7 helps deliver content across multiple platforms

Promoting mobile first strategy

CoreMedia released the latest version of its Web Content Management system, CoreMedia 7, this week. Not surprisingly, it focuses on four key technology trends: mobile, social, cloud and information (getting information to users wherever they are on whatever device, I would presume).

The product's primary focus is on these four areas, encouraging companies to pursue a mobile first strategy where they define for mobile devices first, rather than designing the core company website and adapting that to other channels. That makes sense in a world where increasingly, people are accessing the Internet from smartphones--and this is especially true in developing areas of the world where people are much more likely to own a phone than a computer.

The idea is to use the CoreMedia platform as a base to build the mobile strategy whether that involves a mobile website, a native app or a web app--then extend that across any device and channel.

There is a cloud connector to deploy your website or services in the cloud and the platform includes CoreMedia Elastic Social software, which enables users to have on-going social interactions with customers on the website.

The system is also designed to surface relevant content for users as they move through your website (although it's thin on details on how that's done). 

The center of the CoreMedia platform though is the editorial hub designed to help non-technical end users create, edit and manage content through CoreMedia. 

Glenn Conradt, vice president of global marketing and North America for CoreMedia, says that this release has been designed to help relieve a lot of the pressure companies are feeling in a shifting environment. "The pace of change in today's digital world has deeply challenged businesses to make customer interactions timely, relevant and profitable," he said.

But companies facing the changes brought by mobile, social and the cloud have to have tools to deal with these changing ways of interacting with customers.

CoreMedia appears to be trying to cover a lot of ground here, and they are certainly touching all the key trends with this release, but whether one tool can deliver everything to any particular customer is not clear.

For more information:
- see the CoreMedia press release

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