Convercent launches cloud compliance solution

Makes compliance mobile and social

Convercent, a new company with a new way of addressing compliance, launched this week. The software is designed to create a set of rules to align with a company's ethics and values, and share them with employees, all from a cloud-based solution designed to work across platforms and devices.

The idea is to articulate the company's ethics and values, then create policies around them and finally educate the employees about what they are. If an employee sees a problem, he or she can flag it and submit it anonymously, or company executives can monitor a cloud-based dashboard to deal with problems as they arise.

The system is designed for two-way communication, so instead of just dictating to employees, you can have social interactions about the policies and employees can ask questions when they don't understand or when there are ambiguities.

Users can access information from the web or from smartphones and tablets.

Patrick Quinlan, CEO of Convercent, says the company was looking for a way to update compliance solutions for today's mobile and social employees. "We are bringing the promise of today's best technology to an area of business in dire need of innovation," he said in statement.

Investor Cameron Lester, a founding General Partner of Azure Capital Partners, says they invested in the start-up because it is offering a new way to deal with compliance. "The opportunity for Convercent to breathe new life into a somewhat broken and traditional software category is tremendous," he said in a statement.

It's true that compliance can be something most employees want to avoid. If Convercent is truly creating a simpler, more effective way to deal with it, it may be onto something, but time will tell if this is a market that needs disrupting.

For more information:
- see the Convercent press release

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