Chatterbox is official

New file sharing tool for customers
Tools made the Chatterbox announcement official this week at its Dreamforce conference. We published a story last week in which Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff leaked the Chatterbox news ahead of the conference, at the TechCrunch Disrupt Conference.

While it wasn't exactly news by the time the announcement was made official this week, it's still worth mentioning that is getting into file sharing and collaboration. And the announcement finally brings some more details than the Benioff announcement brought last week.

To be clear, Chatterbox, as the name implies is an extension of Chatter, meaning it has been designed for users of Salesforce Chatter to share files. The statement describes it as follows: "Files will become immediately social through the power of Chatter. Files will be posted to the Chatter feed as soon as they are saved and shared via Salesforce Chatterbox."

Salesforce would have you believe that they are the first company to give this type of syncing and sharing in an enterprise context, when in reality the company is late to the game. As I wrote in the Editor's Corner this week, it's just the latest volley in the battle for the hearts and minds of companies recognizing the need to share in this manner.

For Salesforce to suggest that it's the first company to offer such a service is disingenuous at best, even in the context of typical press release bombast.

SFDC was typically vague when it came to a release date for Chatterbox, stating that it would be available some time in the first half of 2013 on a pilot basis. When it will be available on a widespread basis is anybody's guess, but they have let it be known that they plan to be a player in the file syncing and sharing game--eventually.

With other companies already offering much more mature options--and new ones such as Alfresco's announcement this week offering a similar service--you have to wonder if SFDC is a little late to the game at this point, or if companies using the Salesforce ecosystem will welcome the service on top of their existing platform of services.

For more information:
- see the press release

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